Ensemble Petits Couteaux 1 et 2

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Avez-vous déjà eu un légume ou un fruit d'une certaine couleur, mais pas de couteau assorti?

Que vous prépariez un festin pour 20 convives ou une petite collation pour votre famille, j'ai la solution!

  • 10 Couteaux d'office 

  • Lames en acier inoxydable

  • Poignées ergonomiques et texturées 

Whether you're preparing a feast for 20 people or a small snack for your family, I have the solution!

- 5 paring knives 

- Stainless steel blades

- Ergonomic and textured handles

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Ensemble Petits Couteaux 1 et 2

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Each order of an apron, chef knife or pack of knives includes a hand written thank you note.

Nos couteaux

It is scientifically proven by NASA and other reputable people that using a knife the same color as the ingredient you want to cut makes cutting 300% easier.

Well, maybe that's not true, but this set of 5 knives will definitely be used very often in your kitchen. The handles are also textured to provide better slip resistance when using with wet hands.

Each knife is 10 centimeters, which in my opinion is the most versatile size for a paring knife.